In light of recent events concerning COVID-19, we continue to offer advice to all of our clients on the many and frequent changes to legislation and guidance in relation to Coronavirus.

We are aware that Covid is having a huge impact on your business and we will therefore continue to give you the right assistance and advice to help you through these difficult times.

Re-opening of licensed premises

Following Government guidance, it remains difficult to answer questions on this website in relation to what individual premises will have to do to be able to remain open within the Tiers. 

Below is a short summary of advice we can offer to licence holders:

  • Read your licence:
    • Check what it permits and what it prohibits (For example – does it permit off sales? Is there a condition preventing patrons leaving the licensed area with open drinks containers?)
    • Does it contain any licence condition that would prevent you from opening in the way you had envisaged?
  • Are your premises in an area subject to a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)
    • If so, does that PSPO restrict the consumption of alcohol?
  • Do you have sufficient arrangements in place for cleaning, handwashing and toilet facilities?
  • How will you securely record the personal details of customers to assist with the NHS ‘Test and Trace’ service? 
  • What will you do if it rains? (Government guidance now suggests you should make it clear to customers, they will not be permitted inside in inclement weather)
  • Will your plans affect neighbouring businesses and residents? (For example, socially-distanced queuing on public highway)
  • Do you need to make any changes to your licence or submit a Temporary Event Notice?
  • Have you carried out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment? It is required for all licensed premises.
  • Can you accommodate social distancing of 2m? If 2m is not viable, what risk mitigations will you put in place? This needs to be in your risk assessment. (You still must ensure a minimum of 1m even with risk mitigation.)

Call Rob on 07982917819 for a Covid Risk Assessment (RA) or Safe Working Practice (SWP) document to demonstrate ‘’Due Diligence’’ to the Responsible Authorities.